All Natural Insect and Disease 

Control - ORIGINAL

The perfect solution for organic gardeners who want to control fungus damage and harmful insects in one formula.

Four ounces mixes with a half gallon of water and can be sprayed on your plants for effective control.

This spray is more effective if sprayed a few days in a row. Spray first thing in the morning when beneficial insects are not attending your plants.

It is harmless to people, pets and beneficial insects such as bees! 



All Natural Insect and Disease 

Control NOW with Cedar Oil

Cedar oil is one of the best natural insect controls there is. Added to Mom's Garden Secret, it increases the strength to handle the harder-to-control harmful insects without harming the environment or being toxic to the helpful bugs. Spray directly on the insects you want to eliminate from your garden.

This 4 oz bottle when added to a half gallon of water gives you an economical insect control spray for your plants.

As well it has the added ingredients to control fungus and other plant diseases.


Amount needed

The black spots shown on this Papaya leaf is a fungus called "black spot" and it is said to be fatal to the plant. This photo was taken before the second spraying.  The white spots are where the spots were before spraying the first time.

The fungus is gone from the white areas leaving only the small pieces of leaf which is dead. This will not affect the plant as the papaya loses its leaves on a regular basis anyhow. The important thing is that the black spot is killed and the plant survives.

The second photo is after the second spraying of the plant. The black spot is totally gone.

The plant was checked two weeks later and there were no more instances of the fungus! All new leaves were spot free!