Mom's Garden Secret Fertilizer

The Liquid Fertilizer Tea is rich in the essential nutrients that plants need to grow well and repels the harmful insects and diseases that come to destroy them.

No need for insecticide or fungicide when you use this product in your garden soil along with Mom's Garden Secret Microorganisms for the soil. They are both essential.

These are all natural soil amendments that you and your plants will be glad to have.

You will notice how your plants will be more lush and verdant as well as grow an abundance of produce that taste delicious. 

Liquid Fertilizer Tea for plants

Liquid Fertilizer

The four-ounce liquid bottle contains a concentration of all of the same three ingredients plus a lot more natural materials in a composted tea blend. 

There is virtually no disagreeable odor and it works great for indoor potted plants as well as hydroponic systems and aero-gardens indoors.

It will do fine in the garden and flower beds also. Perfect for hydroponics. It has everything that the hydroponic system needs to grow luxurious plants. Just add one tablespoon to each gallon that is present in the tank.

Because it is concentrated, you only need a tablespoon in a gallon of water to add to the plants. Four ounces creates gallons of fertilizer.


Amount needed


 Our garden soil lacks the essential microorganisms that help plants utilize the nutrients in the soil. Microorganisms also act as probiotics for plants to protect them against disease. 

Since our soil has been depleted of the natural nutrients by the constant gardening and farming of the land, the microorganisms have died out as well. They need the nutrients and especially the minerals to survive.

This is an excellent addition to your soil along with the Mom's Garden Secret minerals and fertilizer.

From this 4 oz bottle, take a tablespoon of solution and add to a gallon of water. Add a little of this to each plant or spread it throughout the garden. Since these are live organisms, they will multiply into more. Good for one treatment per gardening season. 


Amount needed