Mom's Garden Secret Fertilizer

Do you need a dependable organic garden supplement that won't be toxic to your environment? 

Fertilizer for the organic garden needs to be all natural and not man-made. 

The best source for this is a precise combination of bat guano, blood-meal and earthworm castings, which is what makes up Mom's Garden Secret Natural Fertilizer. 

This product is rich in the essential nutrients that plants need to grow well and repels the harmful insects and diseases that come to destroy them.

No need for insecticide or fungicide when you use this product in your garden soil along with Mom's Garden Secret Minerals. And Mom's Garden Secret Microorganisms for the soil is also essential.

These are all natural soil amendments that you and your plants will be glad to have.

You will notice how your plants will be more lush and verdant as well as grow an abundance of produce that taste delicious. 

Easy to apply to the soil. Just sprinkle on the soil around plants and water in. Your plants will love it. 

The natural ingredients of blood-meal and bat guano have their original odor, so not advisable to use indoors.
Outdoor watering will water the fertilizer into the soil and the odor quickly dissipates. Great for gardens, outdoor pots and greenhouses.

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We recommend that you buy all three products in our package deal: Mom's Garden Secret Minerals, Fertilizer and Microorganisms. Save money and do a complete handling on your garden or potted plants.

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