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Our company is dedicated to providing the best acceptable products for organic gardens. None of our products contain harmful chemicals that hurt our environment. And yet they are very effective! You would be surprised!

 Want to have gorgeous looking plants without the pests and

diseases that destroy them? Want an abundant crop of fruits and

 vegetables that taste delicious and are nutritious?

!!!! Summer Extra Special !!!!

Our fertilizer consists of the finest ingredients from mother nature: bat guano, earthworm castings and bloodmeal. All three are the best fertilizers that Mother Nature has to offer. 
These three ingredients are combined in the proper ratio to give you the best garden crops ever. Works well with Mom’s Garden Secret Minerals. Only $22.95 18.95. Free shipping. 
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Due to so much farming and rain run-off, our soil has been sadly depleted of the vital minerals needed by the plants for food.
You will not get your minerals from the food you eat unless the plants get them from the soil. 

Give them the minerals they need 

and you will get the minerals you 

need. Only $28.95 25.95.  Free shipping.

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Natural Insect and Disease Control
This 4 oz insect concentrate makes a half gallon of spray to control insects and fungus on your plants. Both controls in one bottle!!! All-natural ingredients that are not toxic and won't hurt you, your family or pets. Won't harm the bees either! Contains an extra boost of cedar oil, one of the best insect and natural insect controls.           Only $16.95 13.95.   Free shipping.
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Live Microorganisms
Most soils do not contain the vital microbes that plants need to protect them from disease and make them healthy. This bottle of microorganisms is a fantastic addition to your soil to protect your plant. As well, it helps the plant better utilize the minerals and fertilizer in the soil.
This 4-oz bottle is concentrated with live microbes. One tablespoon to a gallon of water will inoculate a large garden bed. So that makes it economical. Only $17.95 14.95.  Free shipping.
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Brand new!!!
Organic fertilizer for your indoor hydroponic gardening system. Contains all the good things nature put in the soil for great plant growth and healthy eating. You can now put them as liquid fertilizer into your indoor hydroponic growing system! 

It has worm castings, bat guano, seabird guano, blood meal, fish meal, rock minerals and a whole lot more of organic composted material!

You can grow luxuriously green and healthy plants right in your own kitchen -- summer and winter!

You just add 1 tablespoon of this concentrate per gallon of water once a week or as indicated by your grow system! Regular $8.95 now $6.95 for a short time only.  Free shipping.

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4 ounce bottle



We recommend that you buy all three products in our package deal: Mom's Garden Secret Minerals, Fertilizer and Microorganisms. Save money and do a complete handling on your garden or potted plants.
Regular $62.95    Get the package for $54.95     Free shipping.
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Success Stories

I have been using this formula for 2 years now and it is very effective. The only insects in my garden are the welcome ones.                                    LA of Florida

I feel good about using this solution since it doesn't hurt me, my kids nor my pets! And yet it is so effective.
                          NM from Texas

I had powdery mildew on my cucumber plants. I sprayed with Moms Garden Secret and the next day it was gone!                                                                   SB 

When I used all three of Mom's Garden Secret in my soil, the plants grew so much better.

It's my go-to product for insects. Love all the products.
                                                             Amazon buyers

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