Linda Asato - Founder of Mom's Garden Secret
Linda received her BSc in Horticulture in Canada.
She grew up in the country where organic gardening was the only way to go. That is why she is interested in only products that help the gardens naturally and don't harm the planet.
For that reason, she established Mom's Garden Secret so others can grow their gardens organically as well. 

 At Mom's Garden Secret we believe in safe-guarding our planet. We want to use products that are safe to use and won't contribute to polluting our Earth.

The all-natural insect and disease control is guaranteed not to harm you, your pets, or pollute the environment. It is made of all-natural ingredients. No heavy chemical insecticide or fungicide. Yet it is effective. Both controls are in one bottle so that you need only spray once to get both benefits. It is particularly good for organic gardening. Used correctly, it will not kill the bees or beneficial insects.

Our minerals come from a mine and have not been altered in any way. Nor has anything else been added to it.

It consists of clay powder that existed in the bottom of sea beds millions of years ago and contains all the minerals that were deposited at the bottom of the sea plus volcanic residue.

This all-natural product replenishes the soil and gives the plants the nutrients it needs in an easily accessible way.

It is another product that works with Mom's Garden Secret Fertilizer to give plants the total nutrient supplement that plants need.

Mom's Garden Secret fertilizer does not contain any man-made ingredient and consists of the proper balance of all- natural organic blood meal, worm castings and bat guano. It also feeds the plants and help them grow strong and healthy.

An alternative liquid fertilizer is also great for hydroponic systems and is organic and consists of a variety of all-natural ingredients.

Although microorganisms are not as well known they are extremely vital to the health of the garden plant. It acts as a probiotic for plants to ensure they are resistant to disease.

They also make the minerals and fertilizer even more accessible to the plants by breaking them down so they are better absorbed by the plants.

That is why Mom's Garden Secret Microorganisms are all-natural and organic. They consist of live microbes that help the plants by living symbiotically with them at root level. They are perfect for the organic garden.

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