At Mom's Garden Secret we believe in safe guarding our planet. We want to use products that are safe to use and won't contribute to polluting our Earth.

The all-natural fungus and insect control is guaranteed not to harm you, your pets, or pollute the environment. It is made of all natural ingredients. No heavy insecticide or fungicide. Yet it is effective.

Our minerals come from a mine and have not been altered in any way. Nor has anything else been added to it. It replenishes the soil and gives the plants the nutrients it needs in an easily accessible way.

The fertilizer does not contain any man-made ingredient and consists of the proper balance of blood meal, worm castings and bat guano. It also feeds the plants and help them grow strong and healthy.

Microorganisms are not as well known but extremely vital to the health of the garden plant. It acts as a probiotic for plants to ensure they are resistant to disease. They also make the minerals and fertilizer even more accessable to the plants.

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