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Liquid Fertilizer
Mom's Garden Secret Liquid Fertilizer adds more nutrients needed by the plants to grow lush green leaves and abundant flowers and fruit. It contains bat guano, worm castings, rock minerals, bird guano, fish meal, fish bone meal, kelp, blood meal and many other composted material combined in the proper ratios to effectively booster the plants' growth. Add once a week for best results. Will not burn the roots or harm the environment. Non Toxic!
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Mom's Garden Secret Microorganisms are a combination of all the microbes vital to the plants' health. It helps the plant fight off fungal diseases as well as harmful insects. It also helps the plants utilize the minerals and fertilizer more effectively. A perfect companion to the fertilizer.
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Mom's Garden Secret Insect and Disease Control is the best insect and fungus control ever. It combine nontoxic and natural ingredients to combat both harmful insects and fungus that attack your garden plants as well as your potted house plants. 
It is totally nontoxic and will not harm the environment nor your family members or pets. 
It contains cedar oil as well so do not spray around birds. 
Does not leave a residue that will harm bees.
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