Mom's Garden Secret


Biochar is an ancient secret for triumphant gardening!!

Have you ever wondered, "Why is it that it can be so hard to grow healthy plants?"

Many of us love gardening and growing lush, beautiful and healthy plants, But, often the bugs attack, the weeds set in and, sooner or later, the plants shrivel up and die.

That does not have to happen. Why does it?

It could be many factors such as not enough water or too much, not enough nutrients, etc. So how can one fix this problem? The perfect solution is biochar.

Biochar was developed by the Mayan Indians six thousand years ago and it is what allowed them to feed their huge culture.

This product is an unusual product because the manufacturing process is actually beneficial to our environment.

Thousands of tons of material are redirected away from landfills and used to make biochar.

Bio means life and char means to burn. Biochar is made by converting waste wood into a form of charcoal that. when mixed with organic compost and added to soils, substantially improves growing conditions for plants and trees.

Biochar's porous structure absorbs up to 5 times its weight in water. It absorbs nutrients in the process, and releases both water and nutrients when the plants need them.

This capacity for storage can reduce the need to water by up to 30%, and reduces fertilizer needs. In the long run, biochar provides a highly beneficial environment for the microorganisms that are necessary for a healthy ecosystem.

Most importantly, using biochar in your garden removes carbon from our atmosphere and returns it to the earth and it will remain there for millennia - helping to ease pollution and climate change risks.

It has lots of tiny holes, like a sponge, that can hold onto water, nutrients, and helpful microorganisms. This is good for improving soil quality. In healthy soils you'll see a 25% increase in blooming and fruiting in the first season. The results in poor soils can be up to 250% compared to soil not treated with biochar.

It also doesn't change the pH of the soil too much, so it can work well in different types of soil.

This is a simple solution for many of the most complex challenges facing humanity and benefits our environment as well as being an opportunity for everyone to make a difference. And remember, it doesn't break down easily and can stay in the soil for a very long time, which means it can keep storing carbon for thousands of years.

Add 2 - 3 inches of the top of a bed and work it into the soil, then plant seeds of plants. When planting trees you can add 1/2 to a full bag of biochar in the soil surrounding the tree. Or add 1 - 3 inches of biochar around the dripline of the tree, add minerals and mulch and it will work itself into the soil.

Biochar is available and ready to be mixed into your soil. Come see our gardens, see and feel the biochar, and take some home for your gardens.

You can help us change the planet one garden at a time!!!

Get some now and see the difference!

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