How to Prepare Your Garden
so that next season you get the best crops ever!!!!
Garden soil is best prepared in the Fall before winter lays down its snowy beds. This way, the soil gets a chance to build up in nutrients and the microbes in the soil can establish itself there. Here are the steps to take after you have harvested your crops:

1. Pull all plants out of the soil. Place the weeds in a bin to go to trash and the  dead garden plants into a compost pile.
2. Dig up the soil or use rototiller. 
3. Add natural mined minerals, natural fertilizer and microorganisms to the soil.
4. Cover with dark plastic to keep weeds and weed seeds out.
In the spring, pull off the plastic, rake the soil lightly and plant your seeds or seedlings. Add additional minerals and fertilizer as needed.
Then watch your garden grow!!!
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