Mom's Garden Secret

Minerals for the garden soil

Mom's Garden Secret Minerals is loaded with nutrition for your plants and for you and your family as well.
It has all of the 90 minerals that the plants need to be healthy and is natural because it comes from a mined seabed that is millions of years old.

Our soil is currently badly depleted of minerals that the plants need to be healthy and to resist damaging insects and diseases.

As well, if your garden plants don't get the minerals from the soil, they won't have them in their edible leaves, stems, seeds, roots, etc. And you won't get them in your food.

Adding fertilizers that have only nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in it does not supply the rest that the plant actually needs to be healthy even though it might look that way.

The actual test is: are the plants being eaten by harmful insects or are they being destroyed by disease? If so, the plants lack the rest of the minerals to keep these pests away. Bugs and disease are not attracted to healthy plants.

Use Mom's Garden Secret Minerals to get the most out of your garden.                        

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