Did you know that your garden vegetables might not be able to supply you with the minerals you need to be healthy?

Plants get their minerals from the soil they grow in but did you know that our soil does not have all these minerals anymore?

Our soil used to be full of minerals many years ago. But the plants used them up and if more is not added, they are just not there.

Did you know there are 78 minerals that plants need to grow healthy?

As the attached report says, in 1930 the government tested the soil and proclaimed that our soil is depleted of the necessary minerals to grow healthy plants. 

The solution had been after world war II to add three of the minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) to the soil.

But this is not what the plants need. They need all of the 90 minerals that used to be in the soil.

And to make it worse, not only do these fertilizers only add three of the minerals but they are man-made and not the best for the plant!

Wouldn't you want nutritious food when you eat your garden produce?

Give your garden vegetables and fruits natural minerals and you will get them too.

Mom's Garden Secret Minerals come from an underground seabed that is mined in such a way that the minerals are intact. There are no man-made additives. It has all the minerals that are needed in the soil for a great garden.
Add them to your soil and see how your plants grow!

These minerals are best used along with Mom's Garden Secret Fertilizer and Mom's Garden Secret Microorganisms. Altogether, they produce awesome crops, nutritious as well.

The fertilizer is an exact combination of bat guano, worm castings and blood-meal (an all-natural, organic combination to further feed your plants). Microorganisms are a probiotic formula that protects the plant from diseases from the roots up.

That is why we offer all three in a package. Separately, this would cost a total of $72.85.

For a limited time only you can get the package for only $60.49. Or buy more and save more.

It is never too late to add these soil amendments to your soil. Never too late to improve your health.

Your garden will never look the same! Lush and full of veggies, fruits and flowers. Get the natural minerals you need from your plants to be healthy yourself!

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