Mom's Garden Secret

Mom's Garden Secret Live Microorganisms

Our garden soil lacks the essential microorganisms that help plants utilize the nutrients in the soil. Microorganisms also act as probiotics for plants to protect them against disease. 

Since our soil has been depleted of the natural nutrients by the constant gardening and farming of the land, the microorganisms have died out as well. They need the nutrients and especially the minerals to survive.

This is an excellent addition to your soil along with the Mom's Garden Secret minerals and fertilizer.

From this 4 oz bottle, take a tablespoon of solution and add to a gallon of water. Add a little of this to each plant or spread it throughout the garden. Since these are live organisms, they will multiply into more. Good for one treatment per gardening season. 

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Amount needed
What are microorganisms?

How do they actually help the plant? These are valid questions and today most gardeners don't even know what microorganisms are! They are also called microbes.

Microorganisms are tiny living creatures that can only be seen under a microscope. Some are harmful, such as some bacteria and virus, but others are useful and actually necessary to other life. 

Such helpful microorganisms can be found to turn milk into yogurt. They also are used in probiotics that people take to increase their immunity to disease.

Some help to decay waste material and even make compost. In fact, they decompose and recycle old plant material to provide more nutrients in the soil.

The ones we use help to make the soil nutrients more accessible to the plant. They also help protect the plant against disease. In fact, they are critically important for soil and plant health.
How to use Mom's Garden Secret Microorganisms.

Add 1 tablespoon of the product to a gallon of water. Mix gently. Then add a cup of the solution to each potted plant or spread it along the garden row.

You will only need to add this once a growing season so the 4 ounce bottle will last for a while or cover a lot of territory. The microorganisms multiply in the soil as long as they have food themselves such as extra minerals and natural fertilizer.