These days most folks like to eat organically. Right? So they go to the store and look for produce that says ORGANIC.

But wait! 

Organic just means per the dictionary, produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents. This does not mean that the produce was grown in nutrient rich soil! Our soil has been depleted of many of its nutrients. The plants cannot get the minerals from this soil. 

Ever wonder why so many people are sick with some body ailment these days? Ever wonder why we need to take so many vitamin and mineral supplements?

The plants grown in depleted soils will only take in what minerals are present in the soil. If they are not present, the plants will not get them. It's not that the plants manufacture their own minerals. They don't.

How do you know if the organic food that you buy in the store was grown in nutrient soil? You don't!

But if you grow your own organic garden, you can put the minerals back into the soil with natural minerals mined from mother earth herself and natural fertilizer that is not man-made. Now you know you are getting the minerals that you need for your healthy body.

But what about compost, you ask? 

Compost is great also as long as what went into the compost was organically grown in nutrient-rich soil. Remember, you only get what was in the composted plants to begin with. Produce bought from the store might not have those minerals and won't give that back to the compost. But if you add minerals to the compost, you are all set.

Want to have a healthy body?

Grow your own organic garden and add natural minerals and fertilizers to your soil and to your compost. Add microorganisms too for that immune boost to the plants so they don't become diseased and die off.

Buy minerals for your garden !